Unimatec manufactures Monomer and Oligomer raw materials and long-chain polyethers to be used in surface protection. Low energy surfaces which are water & oil-repellent, chemically inert and durable, are applicable for a vast number of material protection coatings. We provide raw materials as water-based emulsions or solid powders. Our coating additives are safely handled, non-flammable, and are not damaging to the environment because they are PFOA and PFOS-free.

Fluorinated coatings specifically provide an effective protection to electronic circuit boards and other electronic equipment. The inert coating is durable against galvanic effects, is non-conductive and keeps humidity, condensed water and spilled liquids away from sensitive parts. Electronic failures can be effectively avoided. The extremely low energy films formed result in non-fouling properties of parts treated and eliminates the adhesion of water and dust. These coatings provide for reliable protection of function and esthetics of parts over a long service life.

Water/Oil repellent coatings made from NOXBARRIER® are ready-to-use compositions to prepare coatings on ball- and sintered bearings, gearwheels and other micromechanical parts.

Coating the surfaces of parts made from resin, metal or ceramics protects shafts and teeth from loss of grease or oil and the lubricant can’t creep to unsuitable areas. Contamination and fouling of the transmission or engine areas is eliminated or reduced.

NOXBARRIER® coatings are extremely thin coatings in the lower micron range. They provide transparency and maintain appearance or gloss of parts. Shaping of thin coats by mechanical or laser removal, allows for selective coating areas on electronic parts or connections.