ACM (Acrylic Rubber)


UNIMATEC’s acrylic rubbers are among the most heat and oil resistant elastomer raw materials– you would only find this combination in the FPM range elsewhere.

The NOXTITE PA ACM grades are mainly used in automotive applications, but also find usage in industrial seals, hoses, and adhesive applications, wherever high temperature and oil resistance are needed in combination.

The new generation of HT-ACM with permanent heat resistance up to 185°C allows possible usage in some applications where only FPM would traditionally be used. The excellent performance / cost evaluation opened significant markets in mass-production applications requiring an affordable solution.

Remarkably, the new XT-ACM line offers additional resistance against bio-fuel and blow-by condensate as a result of new engine concepts using much more rubber-aggressive additives in oils.

Service temperatures of NOXTITE ACM rubber parts range from -40°C to 185°C, allowing peaks up to 200°C. Despite the impact of engine and transmission oils, NOXTITE ACM rubber parts show outstanding compression stress relaxation behavior over long periods. These properties, especially the low oil swell, allow rubber part makers better lifetime expectations. Today’s engine and transmission requirements would be difficult to meet cost-effectively without ACM.

Further Information


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