Low temperature FKM


Noxtite® RE500 types show outstanding low temperature flexibility. The low glass transition temperature (-30°C) provides high elasticity and sealing property, which avoids material failures at low ambient temperatures. We are providing a seamless product line of viscosities between ML 10 and 70 to empower compounders to resolve difficult processes and design challenges. RE500 grades can generally be processed in IM or CM. The product overview in the following table shows the most commonly used grades.

Noxtite® RE500 – Peroxide curable low temperature polymers

Noxtite® FKM of this class of materials exhibit outstanding processing characteristics. Within this class, various grades with unique properties can be found. Noxtite® RE558 has extremely low viscosity which is commonly used to modify compound viscosity. The high performance polymer RE557 shows extraordinarily low compression set after aging, which outperforms even regular FKMs with higher Tg.

Noxtite RE557: Compared to other FKM grades with similar viscosity

Noxtite RE-557: Outstanding compression set at high and low temperature

Noxtite RE500: Great variety in viscosity for customized compounding

The low temperature performance, rated against cost and performance of RE500 peroxide curable FKM, shows an excellent balance of all three parameters and makes RE500 the material of choice for many applications such as seals, o-rings, membranes, diaphragms, v-rings and gaskets.