Release Agents and Mold Release Additives


UNIMATEC’s products are used to manufacture customized release agents with a very high efficiency and permanence for complicated adhesion or demolding problems. The raw materials of choice are selective fluoro surfactants and special oligomers for the production of water or solvent-based preparations.

These products fulfill your highest requirements in failure-free demolding of thermoplastic resins, elastomers or for die-release in spinning. Fluorinated release agents are used wherever efficiency, quality , accuracy , durability , protection of contamination, processing speed and other special processing requirements are imposed. NOXFREE® release agents and additives allow easy molded part release and help to avoid mold contamination and fouling. Precision molding and low scrap rates will enhance your processing, yield longer mold lifetimes, and provide additional cost savings.

NOXFREE® mold release agents perform, where other release agents based on silicon or surfactants fail. The diluted emulsions allow for a very low concentration of active ingredients which is cost-effective but also avoids mold contamination or build-up of scorched chemicals. The applied permanent release layers have only a few microns of thickness and are invisible on parts or the mold.

Perfluoroethers can be applied to molded goods to avoid sticking of finished parts (i.e. in rubber o-rings)