Organization & Locations


Global Presence

As a result of the ongoing success of Noxtite® and Cheminox® products in Asia, as well as the rising demand of international customers, Unimatec sales offices have been set up in Europe since 1998, followed by further expansions into North America (2013) and China (2015). The local branches provide quality technical support, to ensure their customer’s requests are fulfilled. In each region, at least 2 local warehouses are secured for prompt supply to our clients, allowing short term, local service for ease of convenience and reaction time.

The fact that our high quality products are all produced in Asia gives us a competitive edge in production, because of close access to raw material feedstock. Unimatec Japan is located in Kitaibaraki, where all high performance rubbers, fluorinated specialities, fluorinated resins and other various specialty chemicals are produced from the most basic chemicals to assure the highest quality. With the addition of the second manufacturing site in Singapore in 2008, the capacity has further increased, allowing us to comfortably meet the increase in demand throughout the world. Currently, Unimatec Singapore mainly provides acrylic rubber – focusing on the new generation of HT-ACMs.