Rubber Industry

NOXTITE® high performance elastomers exceed industry expectations on demanding requirements for heat, oil, and wear-resistance for automotive applications. Supported by decades of specialized experience in polymer synthesis, a new generation of HT- (High Temperature-) ACM polymers were developed which opened the door for previously unrealizable applications. Even under the highest dynamic stress of modern day engine compartments, we are able to achieve longer life and better performance.

At UNIMATEC, we are continuously developing in close cooperation with our customers. Improved processing, heat and low temperature resistance as well as other basic mechanical properties permanently widen the scope of HT-ACM applications. Our development strategy includes the design and manufacturing of customized and tailor-made solutions for specific requirements.

CHEMINOX® is our brand name of curatives, customized to fit the needs of the rubber industry. We provide easily dispersible polymer-bound additives as well as scorch retardant curatives for various acrylic and fluoro polymers. Generally, the chemicals are available as-is or ground-up dust-controlled powder form for easier handling. For highest dispersion quality we offer polymer-bound versions. CHEMINOX® CLP5250 is our newest aromatic type of diamine curative for HT-ACM, delivering superior tear and dynamic resistance to the next generation of NOXTITE® polymers.

Chemical Industry

Our CHEMINOX® products also include specialty chemicals to be used in number of industries. Based on our capability to handle molecular fluorine as well as materials like HFPO and TFE, we provide a wide portfolio of fluorinated telomers, intermediates and specialty products. PFOA-free fluorinated intermediates are available for the manufacturers of surface protection agents and crop science specialists.

NOXBARRIER® is our specialty chemical products designed for surface treatment applications. It provides outstanding water and oil repellant properties, which can protect the lubricated bearings, chains, valves, engines and various other surfaces as well. NOXBARRIER® can be easily prepared with non-hazardous solvents and yields stable surface protection layers that can increase the life of the engine or mechanical parts by decreasing their necessary service intervals.

Our products are silicone, PFOS and PFOA-free.