Chemicals for Rubber


Cheminox® curatives are provided in powder or polymer-bound form for efficient crosslinking of ACM and FKM rubber. These additives are characterized by their highly effective nature in dispersing in rubber matrix to achieve an evenly distributed concentration of chemicals.

By using Cheminox® additives, expensive re-milling, nonconforming quality and other failures in accelerated compounds or finished goods can be avoided, because it allows the polymer to achieve higher crosslink density and stable levels of batch-to-batch and in-batch consistency.

We provide Hexamethylenediamine for carboxyl cure type ACM (i.e. Noxtite PA-522HF), Octadecylammoniumbromide and Diphenylurea for dual cure type ACM (i.e. Noxtite PA-421). The high melting point stearate soaps are offered as ACM polymer-bound batches for standard active chlorine cure type ACM (i.e. PA-402B).

For bisphenol cure type FKMs, we recommend the Cheminox® AF-50 (FKM bound) and Benzyltriphenylphosphoniumchloride as a bromine free accelerator for FKM.