Rubber Industry


NOXTITE – Leading High-performance Rubbers

UNIMATEC is a leading producer of heat and oil resistant high-performance rubbers and specialty chemicals. Our experience in manufacturing NOXTITE high-performance rubbers, CHEMINOX additives and fluorinated specialty chemicals reaches back more than 45 years in Japan; and our site in Singapore has been servicing our world-class customers since 2008. Our central R&D department in Kita-Kibaraki, Japan, continuously launches new innovations for our markets, most of them in short response time to the needs of our rubber processing clients.

In response to the ever-increasing demands of the automotive industry, including higher temperature requirements, UNIMATEC launched many new HT-ACM & FKM rubber grades.

Certainly not the end of development: the Automotive Euro 6 and similar requests for reduced emissions require new solutions and also new polymer materials – new applications for our high temperature resistant NOXTITE HT-ACM and FKM rubbers

NOXTITE for all your demanding applications