FKM (Fluoro Rubber)


Noxtite® RE FKM (FPM) covers a large range of materials available for automotive, chemical and industrial applications with bisphenol and peroxide curable co-polymers as well as ter-polymers. Our broad portfolio offers polymers with a TR10 of -37°C, but also grades for service temperatures up to 280°C, all available in different viscosities.

Our Fluoroelastomers surpasses the industry requirements for dynamic stability, extreme heat/cold exposure and aggressive engine or transmission fluids.

Extrusion grade FKMs can be easily processed for charged air hose, blow-by hose, fuel and exhaust gas recirculation tube applications. Specialty FKMs are suitable for use in aerospace, oil & gas and the chemical industry.

We provide a large selection of FKM polymer viscosities ranging from liquid polymers for increasing the plasticity, to high molecular weight polymers for applications that see extreme heat exposures. The peroxide curable FKMs show superior chemical stability in various media, while our specialty grade FKMs also perform exceptionally well under acid or base environments.

All FKMs are so called “base-gums”. For customers seeking higher batch-to-batch consistency in quality and homogeneity of ingredients, we can provide pre-compounds, which includes curatives and other additives as well as optional rubber to metal adhesion promoters, upon request.