Unimatec has continuously provided reliable, high performing, quality Noxtite® FKMs for decades. Through our dedication to material innovation, we are able to introduce leading products for challenging applications. Our 200 series FKMs come in various viscosities ranging from 25 to 100, with 66% fluorine content. The following table shows some of the more commonly used bisphenol curable co-polymers.

Noxtite RE 200 Series – Bisphenol Curable FKM Co-polymers

Noxtite® RE200 bisphenol curable co-polymer FKMs offer a wide range of viscosities, between 20 – 100 polymer mooney, various process cure speeds and solutions for different molding processes.

Noxtite® RE – Precompounds

We also provide customized FKM pre-compounds containing curatives, activators and adhesion promotors, for ease of processing, exceptional process stability and to achieve remarkably low variations of physical properties or curing behavior.

Noxtite® RE series pre-compounds allow our customers to reach a higher quality level in production and further lower the scrap rates.

FKM Precompounds

Noxtite RE300 Series – Bisphenol Curable FKM Ter-polymers

The bisphenol curable FKM product line is completed by our RE300 series ter-polymers. These are standard FKM ter-polymers that offer a higher variability in low temperature performance, fluid resistance and processeability.

Product such as the RE345, with 70% fluorine content performs exceptionally well as the inner layer tube for fuel hose applications.

A selection of most commonly used FKMs can be found in the attached table.