Unimatec is a manufacturer of high performance synthetic rubber and fluorinated specialty intermediates. Solutions for the automotive rubber industry and the fluorine chemical industry are provided along with technical and logistic services out of our sites in Europe, North America and China. Our products require a high level of applications know-how which is made available through our experienced applications chemist across the globe.

The hollow fiber membrane technology is a highly efficient method for nanoscale water purification. Unsafe water can be transformed to drinking water with low-cost high throughput units anytime and anywhere. The filtration units are manufactured in our factories in Japan and China. They are available in many standard sizes and are optionally customized when required.

Our market specific solutions are serving a world of technologically changing demands for better automobiles, environmentally safe fluorine intermediates and safe water supply. We are aiming to provide better technology from reliable and innovative partners, globally.

Let us support you to drive innovation and to achieve technological success.