Chemicals formed during combustion, and their presence in the exhaust gas recirculation system are becoming increasingly challenging for FKM parts to endure. Biofuels form acid, amine, alcohol and ester by-products that can attack and damage the bisphenol crosslink in FKMs. In contrast, peroxide cured FKMs provide higher stability even under severe chemical exposures. Our product portfolio contains newly introduced peroxide curable FKMs with outstanding physical properties, well balanced processing behavior and excellent chemical resistance for various applications, including engine and transmission parts in modern charged air engines. We have a complete product line including specialty grades with extremely low viscosity, high fluorine content and base resistance.

Unimatec Noxtite RE400 series are peroxide curable terpolymer FKMs with medium to high fluorine content (67 – 70.5%). These grades perform exceptionally well in chemicals, even under intense permanent heat exposure. We recommend grades with 67-68% fluorine content for applications where blow-by gas or additive loaded engine oil resistance is a requirement. For fuel applications, we recommend grades with 69 – 70.5% fluorine content, due to their low fuel permeation, even for biofuels and their robust heat resistance. We also provide solutions for inner hose layers, gaskets and O-Rings that require easy processing while maintaining suitable physical properties. The table below features part of our product line, please contact us for materials not listed for your needs.

Unimatec Noxtite RE600 series are the peroxide curable co-polymer FKMs. It retains the chemical stability of peroxide curable ter-polymers, while presenting a more attractive price tag. The polymer composition leads to extraordinarily high mechanical strength (i.e. tear strength and elongation) and makes it suitable for extrusion and injection molding. RE600 series‘ is most suitable for engine hose applications (i.e. charged air hoses), owing to its high dynamic strength and resistance against oil, heat and chemical exposures.


Noxtite FKM Peroxide Curable Copolymer
Noxtite RE-635/Tear Resistance