UNIMATEC incorporates subsidiary in India

With its high-performance synthetic rubber and fluorinated specialty intermediates, as well as water filtration membranes, Unimatec strengthens its position in India.

In April 2022, the Indian subsidiary UNIMATEC CHEMICALS INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED, was founded in New Delhi. „India is a rapidly growing market with an increasing demand in high-quality chemical products“, says Dr. H.-M. Issel, Managing Director of the parent company Unimatec Chemicals Europe GmbH. In the last years the business development was primarily driven from our base in Weinheim/Germany. The business success and increased market requirements have proven that a stronger market engagement in necessary. „It is the right time to advance our product lines of Noxtite® RE (FKM) and Noxtite® PA (ACM) in this part of Asia“, Dr. Issel emphasizes.

Unimatec Chemicals India Private Li

India, currently number 6 in the list of the biggest automobile manufacturers, is growing dynamically as a popular automotive location and reached a production volume of 3.6 million passenger vehicles, even during the Corona Year 2021 (Source: Statista). The Indian vehicle supply industry manufactures mainly according to European quality standards. This results in an increased need of extreme heat-and oil/fuel resistant rubber solutions.

India’s call for safe-water product solutions increases the requirement for mobile and stationary water filtration modules. This urges the local India team along with its business partners to focus on developing its ready-to-use smaller water filter units for use in reusable drinking water bottles, as well as modules for membrane bio-reactors.

The newly established company in Delhi will be led by Managing Director Mr. Neeraj Dogra, who together with his team will further develop and expand the position of the company in India.

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