Chemical Industry


UNIMATEC is a manufacturer of fluorinated specialty chemicals. We have developed a line of PFOA/PFOS-free chemicals which are based on C2-C6 chemistry to help protect the environment from the hazards of long chain fluorinated chemicals.

Our industrial solutions can be applied to fluoropolymers, crop protection chemicals, water & oil repellents, fluorinated release agents, reactive plasma gas and special preparations for cosmetics, the galvanic industry, surfactants, colors and coatings.

We synthesize and manufacture in lab scale, pilot or bulk quantities: perfluoro -ethers, -ketones, -acrylates, -alcohols, bifunctional perfluoro compounds, fluorinated phosphoric, phosphonic and carboxylic acid ester intermediates.

NOXFREE® is our line of additives for fluorinated semipermanent and permanent mold release agents. NOXBARRIER® is applied to the surface of metal, glass, polymer or ceramic to provide a water or oil-repellent nano-size layer to avoid creeping, spreading or contamination of sensitive parts with oil.

CHEMINOX® is a line of chemical intermediates for all kinds of fluorinated products including monomers or active ingredients in the crop protection industry. We develop and manufacture at our site in Japan, and also provide manufacturing service of customized products. On your request we will develop chemical derivatives that contain organic fluorine and downstream products to your specification.

All fluorinated products at Unimatec are PFOA/PFOS-free, and our analytical assay excludes those substances on a ppb level.