XT ACM: Noxtite ACM polymers in eXTreme conditions


Especially remarkable XT grades of Unimatec, which have been just recently developed, show improved resistance against aggressive additives in engine oils while maintaining the good heat and oil resistance of an ACM rubber. Compounds based on our XT grades rubber show excellent performance when in contact with biodiesel, blow-by condensates or biofuel by-products.

Noxtite AY 1215 B is based on a newly developed monomer structure and shows extremely low swell in diesel and biodiesel (RME / SME). For further information please click on the presentation below:

For over 50 years, Unimatec has developed and modified ACM rubber to fit the raising demands of our clients and the highest industry standards. Within our partnerships we even develop or improve to single customer solutions for an ideal combination of temperature range, oil and fluid resistance as well as cost-efficiency.

UNIMATEC – your development partner for ACM rubber solutions


Ageing in Diesel(93%)/RME(7%)
Fuel 168hrs @125°C/Volume and Weight Change/DIN ISO 1817

Ageing in 100% RME
168hrs @125°C/Volume and Weight Change/DIN ISO 1817