Fluorinated Intermediates

UNIMATEC manufactures Monomers, Fluorine Specialties and fluorinated building blocks under the brand name CHEMINOX®. We are development and manufacturing partners for all kinds of industrial segments that use Fluorine chemistry. Our high level of quality documentation and product safety records are part of the service we provide.

Our manufacturing process reaches from TFE (Tetrafluoro ethylene) over HFP (Hexafluoropropylene) and HFPO (HFP-Oxide) to Oligomers, Polymers and functionalized building blocks. Diol-type structures can be applied where bifunctional products are requested.

Our intermediates are starting materials for fluorine polymers, release agents, hydrophobic modifiers, oleophobic coatings, antispread coatings, fluorinated crosslinkers and a line of base materials for manufacturers of highly active crop protection ingredients.