Unimatec – High performance products for chemical industry and rubber industry

Esablished in 1971, Unimatec is a market leading company with technical, innovative and devoted personnel in every aspect of its operation. We are specialized in manufacturing high performance synthetic rubber and fluorinated intermediates. Our qualified application chemists with high levels of application know-how are ready to service your needs, from within our extensive global network, spanning from Europe to North America and Asia Pacific.

Our hollow fiber membrane business provides solutions for the water purification industry by introducing highly efficient membrane technology for nano-scale purifications. Unsafe and contaminated water can be transformed to drinking water with our low-cost, high throughput units virtually anytime and anywhere. We manufacture various standard filtration units at our factories in Japan and China, and are also capable of customizing them when required.

We provide solutions for the challenges our customers face in the automotive, the chemical and the water purification industry, through innovation and commitment. It would be our pleasure to support your needs to drive innovation and achieve technological success as well.